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Americraft Manufacturing Company Inc. has been manufacturing quality industrial fans and ventilation systems since 1946. With over 55 years of experience, you can trust in our services. Call B/P Associates for more information.

Sturdy Ventilation Systems

We have a proud tradition, and strong national reputation on which we manufacture quality fans and ventilating products, and provide outstanding services to our industrial customers. Americraft manufactures the following 15 various industrial fan models and ventilation systems (ranging in size from 12” to 60” in diameters) as well as fan accessories for each:

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These Americraft industrial fan products operate in hundreds of different applications in all 50 states and throughout the world.


Americraft has established industry leading design freedom. You have the ability to purchase custom-built fans and ventilation systems that meet their unique design specifications. Our in-house sales and technical staff is composed of a talented group of diverse professionals with a depth of industrial fan experience and expertise.

Get Ventilation Systems from Our Experts

  • 3 models of duct or tube-axial fans (belt or direct drive)

  • 5 models of wall or panel exhaust fans (commercial, industrial, and explosion proof and direct drive for low and high- pressure exhaust)

  • 4 models of roof ventilators or exhausters (belt or direct drive with motors in or out of air stream)

  • 2 models of blowers (low and high- pressure – direct drive)

  • Man and product coolers (belt or direct drive on low, medium, or high stands)

amc_model_b_ BRV8_PHOTO Formed Five Wire Rear Box Guard